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We help scientists integrate findings from the latest evidence-based research in social sciences and education into their outreach efforts. We curate, summarize, and discuss research studies and their applications to real communication contexts in a way that scientists can easily implement.

Sherry Nouraini, PhD
Sherry Nouraini

Dr. Sherry Nouraini is social media consultant at Captive Touch, social media instructor at UC San Diego Extension and biology instructor at San Diego City College and Palomar College. Sherry recently published a new book titled “Social Solutions for Climate Change: How to inspire action through social media,” which won Gold under the Current Events category in the 2018 eLit Book Awards competition, and has been recognized as a finalist for the 2017 San Diego Book Awards , and the 2017 American Best Book Awards.

Ask Sherry about: Social Media Strategy, Climate Change Communication

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Mariya Voytyuk, PhD
Mariya Voytyuk

Dr. Mariya Voytyuk received her Global Health PhD from Arizona State University’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Her work examines how people shape perceptions of complex health phenomena (such as healthy eating) across cultures. Aside from research, Mariya is involved with communicating science with the public on all topics related to food and health.

Ask Mariya about: Food science, evolution and human nutrition

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Heather Conklin Founder of Spot Strategies
Heather Conklin

Heather C. Conklin, MPA, MA, is Founder of SPOT Strategies. She has spent over a decade as a researcher for various organizations, including private companies, California Department of Justice, and the UCR Center for Sustainable Suburban Development. She’s conducted research across various policy areas, including healthcare, environmental sustainability, agriculture, law, and education.

Ask Heather about: Science policy; policymaking; politics

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photo of Nevena Hristozova
Nevena Hristozova

Nevena is a PhD candidate in the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium. Her doctoral work focuses on molecular mechanisms of plant resistance to draught, heat, and salinity. She works as a scientific project manager in the European branch of an international public-private research foundation, collaborating on food safe and nutritional research topics.

    Ask Nevena about: Science Podcasting


Photo of Melissa FranksMelissa received her BA in Anthropology for CSU Long Beach and is currently the Membership Manager for the California Art Club. She has used her knowledge ethnographic research methods to improve the foundation’s relationship with its members, pioneer a state-wide mentoring program, and create community art programming in local schools. She is currently working towards a graduate degree to pursue a career in archaeology and communicate the relationship between the arts and sciences.

Ask Melissa about: Science communication, cultural resource management, community involvement

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Kimia Shamsian is a biology student at the University of California Riverside, an award winning debater, and an aspiring healthcare professional. She holds a leadership position in the Dynamic Genome Club at her school, and does outreach for the club on a volunteer basis. Kimia also volunteers her time at the Hospice of the North Coast, providing companionship for the patients and their families at the hospice, as well as providing hospitality services for guests. During her internship with Scicomm Journal Club, Kimia will be summarizing books and peer reviewed literature on the topic of Health Communication.

Ask Kimia about: Study Skills, Leadership, Speech and Debate