State Your Mission Challenge Winners-Announced

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2021 State Your Mission Challenge.

How the winners were chosen

As described when we launched the challenge, this year we chose the first place winner through voting by our scicomm community. Also, to be eligible for a first place win, submissions had to be expressed in an artistic fashion. We are delighted to say that our contestants did not disappoint.

Our second and third place winners were chosen through voting by Scicomm Journal club members.

Let’s meet our winners

Frist place- Rashmi Sheoran

Second Place-Sci4Teens

Third Place- Rhiannon Clements

Those who didn’t place, are still winners

The goal of our Mission Statement Challenge has always been to encourage science communicators to become clear on the Who, What, Why and How of their efforts. Those who took the time to write and submit a mission statement are already on their way to win the hearts and minds for their target audience. So, they deserve our acknowledgement and support. Please view these submissions, follow these accounts and support their efforts.