From Science Communication Theory to Practice: Introducing SciComm Scenarios

As scientists, we’re constantly seeing science communication advice and tips online on how best to talk about different science-related topics. In theory, we may know what we’d like to say, but how do these conversations actually play out in real life when you’re talking to your co-workers, friends, and family members ? Scholarly research on … Read more

For Effective Science Communication Start with a Solid Mission Statement

Poster for State Your Mission Challenge

Effective science communication, that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? Being effective requires spending time to develop a sound strategy. But is it worth putting so much effort into creating content for science communication? Is anyone going to read what we write about science? The first peer reviewed science communication article I read this year brought … Read more

Does Science Communication Promote Inclusivity?

Poster announcing Twitter chat where inclusivity in science communication is discussed

Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Whom is science communication inclusive of, if not for all?   I was taught that science is all about objectivity and rigor, and that science doesn’t care who you are.  But science, like all other institutions, is susceptible to inequalities and biases.  As science communicators, we know how important it … Read more

State Your Science Communication Mission, Win Prizes

State your Science communication challenge

We are excited to launch our second annual Science Communication Mission Statement Challenge today January 8th, 2019. It is an exciting time to be a science advocate as science communication is taking its much needed rightful place on social media, and is embedded in science training curricula. The number of science communication jobs and degrees … Read more

Education strengthens science communication. Or does it???

Science Communiation-paradox of polarization

Education strengthens science communication.  Or does it???  Contrary to common sense (and conventional science communication approaches), increasing scientific education may actually enhances polarization in public opinion on controversial issues in science!  We refer to this dynamic as the paradox of polarization.   This month we are reviewing the article, “Individuals with Greater Science Literacy and … Read more

Scicommjc State Your Mission Challenge winner announced

State Your Mission Challenge Winners

Earlier this year we challenged the scientific community to enter our State Your Mission Challenge and create a mission statement for their science outreach efforts. To our delight, our challenge was accepted and we had 20 wonderful submissions via Twitter and Instagram. How we chose a winner We had a specific set of criteria for … Read more