Designing Interventions to Address the Spread of Anti Vaccine Views Online

Poster for Twitter chat on july 14th 2020

This month we are discussing what is a timely and growing concern–the spread of anti vaccine views online, after a hiatus of several months due to COVID-19 .  During our Twitter chat on July 14th at 6pm (PDT), we will be discussing the recently published article, “The Online Competition Between Pro- and Anti-Vaccination Views,” by … Read more

Depolarizing the discourse around child vaccinations

Pro vaccination and Anti vaccination, its not black and white

In this segment of my health communication blog series, I will summarize the findings of a meta-analysis that aims to examine parents’ opinions on child vaccinations.* The goal of this publication is to better understand how and why these opinions are formed. With their data the authors wish to challenge the idea that parents’ views … Read more